"YES, I want to train with a purpose!"


THE BEGINNER STRENGTH TRAINING MANUAL will increase your strength, break plateaus and help create healthy relationships with your gym routines allowing you to push beyond your physical limits and challenge your abilities.



Team EM2WL knows first hand the impact that periodized training has had not only for us, but also our clients. This training method has allowed thousands of people, just like you to see the benefits of working out with a purpose.

Don't waste time searching for random programs that give you complicated exercises, confuse you with unknown gym language or make you spend hours in the gym trying to figure out what you are supposed to do. We have got you covered!

In our 130+ page BSTM manual, you'll learn....

  • How to train for your goals so that you aren’t wasting your time in the gym
  • How to eat for the way you train so that you get the most out of your calories
  • How to set up a training split so that you can maximize your workout routines
  • How to match your training intensities so that your PR’s all get smashed
  • How to set up your home gym so you maximize your space and your equipment
  • When to expect results so you can monitor your progress for the right reasons
  • And much more...

"I bought the BSTM because it broke down the reset & troubleshooting process of weight management & strength training.

In the past my workouts consisted of a combination of aerobic activity with calisthenics. I wasn't familiar with the process behind resistance training. With the BSTM, I gained an understanding of why I would plateau and gain weight even though I was eating less and exercising more.

And now I love meso cycles to gain muscle! I see many women with my background that have successfully been able to recover their metabolism and be healthy while still being able to eat."

Leah Smithson

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Stop dragging your feet and make the commitment to yourself and your training program.

If you can't afford a personal trainer or don't need the one-on-one support of one, this is your next best thing to getting results in the gym.

You cannot afford another year of losing strength with random workouts or jumping on the latest DVD fads.

Make this your time to find clarity in your workouts and train with a purpose. The results are within your reach.

Our Beginner Strength Training Manual has been updated to give you these wonderful NEW Features...

  • A 130+ page collaborative manual
  • INSTANT download
  • Literal walk through of what you NEED to know about Strength Training and incorporating it into your week, month, year(s) - aka LIFE
  • Breakdown of exercise/workout
    • type
    • style
    • intensity
  • Use for your routine in THIS moment
  • NOT just for “newbies”

Once you learn these principles, they can be applied to tweak ANY workout!


Once you learn all about building your solid foundation, we hand you a 12-week periodized plan to demonstrate exactly how to put all the information into ACTION.

Start Training With a Purpose For just $47

You can't afford to let this amazing manual pass you by!! Don’t waste another minute of your time

  • Wandering aimlessly around the gym trying to figure out what to do
  • Confused by random training programs and not know what its impact will have on your progress
  • Getting pounced on by trainers in your gym trying to sell you their expensive sessions

But don't take my word For It...Here's what other's have to say about The BSTM

"After completing New Rules of Lifting for Women, I learned of The Beginner Strength Training Manual. I was most attracted to the information as well as having a 12 week schedule already planned out.

The BSTM has taught me about periodization, which I didn't understand before. I learned how to schedule a workout plan using those principles - what to do and why it's important.

The workouts felt like just the right length of time and weren't too long. I felt much stronger after!"

Lenora Grackin

"I don't buy into quick weight loss gimmicks; I know that the key to weight management is adding muscle. I had some knowledge about strength training, but no experience. The Beginner Strength Training Manual was an easy starting point for me."

Penny O'Leary

Still not sure if this is right for you?

Make the commitment to yourself and purchase your copy of the Beginner Strength Training Manual today. You will never have to fear being stalked at your club by the Personal trainers wanting to sell you their ridiculously expensive programs ever again! You will be able to put your knowledge to the test by setting up your own periodized programs and #crushing it in the gym!

Plus, we get you started with our 12 week Strength Training Program so you can see how it all comes together!