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You have better things to do with your time than worrying about what workout to do next!  Let me plan your workouts so you can focus on other things. 


Coach With Me!

With the EM2WL Level UP Coaching program, you'll receive clear, specific step-by-step actions to take so you can get real results and avoid the treacherous pitfalls of the diet industry!   In this 52-week program Kiki Smith is FULLY COMMITTED to helping YOU get to wherever you want to go/become whoever you want to be.


Learn The Basics

New to Eat More 2 Weigh Less?  Get our starter kit and start healing your metabolism.  Do it faster with The Beginner Strength Training Manual.  NOTE - It's not just for newbies!


"I'm having a love affair with the EM2WL App!
I've done lots of other programs and find the EM2WL app to be affordable, easy to use and def my favorite right now.

Juenara W.

"I don't buy into quick weight loss gimmicks; I know that the key to weight management is adding muscle. I had some knowledge about strength training, but no experience. The Beginner Strength Training Manual was an easy starting point for me."

Penny O.

"I love the app that EM2WL offers. You get a new workout series every month, it runs on my cell phone and also has demos on all the exercises plus you can substitute if you have exercise limitations."

Cindy O.

"OH MY GOSH. I am a changed woman in SOOOO many ways. Now that I've completed the workshop I feel like my whole self is in a better place.

I 'get' it now. I also feel hope!! I'm not out of control anymore and it's become more of a part of me than ever before.

Rachel P.

"After completing New Rules of Lifting for Women, I learned of The Beginner Strength Training Manual. I was most attracted to the information as well as having a 12 week schedule already planned out.

The BSTM has taught me about periodization, which I didn't understand before. I learned how to schedule a workout plan using those principles - what to do and why it's important.

The workouts felt like just the right length of time and weren't too long. I felt much stronger after!

Lenora G.

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